Trendy Nursery: The Sweetest Fox and Elephant Prints for Kids

I love Saturday mornings when my two girls and hubby leave the house to go to their classes. Coffee, Pinterest and my favorite blogs are the perfect company for the beginning of my weekend. More than anything, I enjoy the peaceful morning and the opportunity to put ideas together for the store and the blog without the usual pressure of time. No posts to write, a comment here and there, and lots of pinning, unless I see something that really, really catches my eye... Then, I can't wait till Monday to talk about it. 

That's exactly what happened today. I visited Ez Pudewa's gorgeous and inspirational blog Creature Comforts, and got an instant crush on these sweet and delicate animals. They are so cute and well dressed, you won't believe that the fox's clothes are real... yeees real!!

How creative is that?? Ez, who often posts about fashionable things that she likes, decided to dress Audrey the Fox with some of her picks. She drew the outfit on Audrey and included the actual links to everything, even the tea mug... I love Audrey's shoes!!

For the elephants, Margaux and William, Ez posted all pictures and graphics of the whole creation process, from the initial sketches to the final printed product... Lovely, too!!

Are you ready to shop now? Well, the good news is that all three characters are available as printed wall art at Creature Comforts' store, and during this weekend, orders will be shipped free of charge, worlwide.

Creature Comforts print art available here.  

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