Halloween Ready: Fabulous Last Minute Do-It-Yourself Costumes

After several years in the business of parenting, you may find yourself running out of ideas for Halloween... Girls have played the roles of every single princess imaginable and boys have portrayed all superheroes the world could ever need... Time to get creative and let your imagination run free? ...Why not?? ... It's Halloween, anyway!!

Every year while trick-or-treating with my two girls, I find that the costumes that atract more comments and attention are the ones made at home. Unless you spend a lot of money on something that would be worn for just a couple of hours, most costumes offered at stores are repetitive and cheaply made. A little bit of creativity and time can definitely be the key to an original costume for your little one; ideas as beautiful and unique as the ones shown above, in which not even professional sewing skills are necessary.

Feeling tempted already? Get inspired then, gather your supplies and check the links to the tutorials, step-by-step pictures and instructions for projects that are definitely, Halloween contest winners.

Rocket Power Jet Pack by DoodleCraft available here.

Classic Robot Costume by Oh Happy Day available here.
Frida Kahlo also by Oh Happy Day, from the Little Artists post, available here.

Andy Warhol by BBmundo, from The Iconics post, available here.
Kids' Owl Costume by Alphamom available here.

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