Election Day is Coming Soon: Rock the Vote, Topozoo Style!!

Aren't these two hilarious? What would you call this double headed creature? An elephonkey or a donkephant? Is it a Republican or a Democrat? Whether it is an election predictor or a way to show your political preference with fun and civility, this Topozoos collection could also be a nice tool to introduce little ones into the meaning and importance of elections.

A blue donkey and a red elephant, the "election edition" is part of a much bigger family of Topozoos. Dinosaurs, zoo, mythical and aquatic animals  complete the line of  ecofriendly wooden puzzles that easily turn into a craft, a room decor or a "mix and match" zoo of hybrid creations. 

Topozoos' pieces are all made in the USA from formaldehyde-free recycled wood, using child-safe color stains. Each animal or  set is packed in a recycled cage box and their pieces can be mixed with all other Topozoo animals. Definitely, a nice gift for children three to eight years old.

Topozoos available here.

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