Trendy Nursery: Scandinavian Inspiration with Susanna Vento

This week, for some unknown reason, I've stumbled upon so many pictures with the combination of black, white and yellow as a theme that I couldn't ignore it anymore. I've been seeing it in outfits , interior design and even, outdoors... Am I suffering some kind of obsession, is it a new trend? Not so sure, but after doing some research, it seems like the use of the three colors as a theme, is fashionable right now and very much so, in children's room decor. White walls, white furniture and accents in black and yellow... Beautiful!!

Among the crazy amount of pictures that I looked at in my search, this nursery design really impressed me. Isn't it spectacular? Modern, simple, sweet, perfect for a baby's room. It is the creation of Finnish interior designer and stylist Susanna Vento, and even thoough it is not one of her latest creations, I wanted to share it anyway as a source of inspiration for children space.  

Susanna Vento's artistic work is really incredible. I am in awe with her amazing capacity to select colors and shapes, and put them together in such a harmonic way, totally "modern, pure, Scandinavian", as she describes her style.

For pictures of the nursery shown above, click here.
For Susanna Vento's online portfolio, click here.

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