Maison Laduree: Heaven on Earth

...Needless to say anything else!! The macarons from Maison Laduree in NYC are nothing but a piece of heaven on Earth. I had a visit to this French palace of perfection on my schedule for months, and finally made it there. Not to my surprise, the amount of people waiting on line to be rewarded with the scrumptious delicacy, took the whole floor of the "petit" store. Patiently, my two girls and I stood up, enjoying some good fifteen minutes of observation.  
Laduree's macarons have taken over this chic block  of Madison Avenue. Forget about designer clothes and fancy shoes. Right there, on the sidewalk, there was a good amount of turists and locals streaming on their IPhones and to the world, the pictures of their faces devouring the colorful cookies. Not to mention the black limos parked right in front, while uniformed drivers, obediently joined the line inside.
Our turn to order came. I decided to let everyone choose a couple of flavors and then share them all... So, we ended up doing the same everyone else was doing... Why waiting any longer?? Why taking these macarons anywhere else? We had to eat them immediately, right there, on the sidewalk. At that moment, it felt like a chorus of angels was around... I could hear  aaawwwhhhh!!! accompanying every single bite. Really delicious. No wonder why Maison Laduree has been around for 150 years. Now, we are so lucky to have them in New York City.
Addictive!! A wonderful mix between a sponge cake and a slightly crunchy cookie with the right amount of almond in the dough and the softest, creamiest ganache between the two shells. No flavor was disappointing. They were all delicious, but we were more surprised with the exotic ones, like cherry blossom, blackcurrant violet, rose and raspberry. On the more traditional side chocolate, vanilla and coffee were out of this world.
Whether you live in NYC or are coming to visit, do not miss Maison Laduree and its macarons. A wonderful treat. I just can't wait to go back... Are you crazy about a dessert place too? Where is it? Share with us, we would love to know.

Maison Laduree, more details here.  

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