A Visit from the Easter Bunny

Yeahh!!... So, the Easter Bunny came over this morning to enjoy some blueberries and  chamomile tea for breakfast... He introduced his new girlfriend and talked about his endless To-Do list for the upcoming celebration... Baskets, colored eggs, jelly beans, chocolates, his burrow is jam-packed with Easter goodies. Feeling a little overwhelmed, he just needed a break, a stop somewhere to have a bite and a little fun with his girl, laying next to each other, looking at the ceiling, saying nothing, giggling over and over again...

Wait a second!! That never happened... or did it?? Of course, it didn't. But, taking pictures of these two adorable bunnies, memories of past Easters came to my mind, times in which I recorded interviews with my daughters about the Easter Bunny and his life. Have you ever done that with your children? If you haven't, do it now, before it is too late. It's fascinating to listen to your little creatures come up with the most amazing stories and details about where the Easter Bunny lives, what he wears, his furniture, who helps him put the baskets together, how he gets to your house and why nobody has ever seen him...

Curious about these gorgeous bunnies in the pictures above? We have them at our store. Easter Bunny Dad and Easter Bunny Mom by Yellow Label Kids, a beautiful gift for Easter that could become, not only your childrens' favorite, but also items of decor in their room. Made of 100% cotton, these dolls are safe toys. Their clothes are fastened with velcro to avoid the use of buttons and their eyes, noses and mouths are all sewn on their faces, so nothing becomes a choking hazard. 

Just to make sure you don't miss these cuties, from now and until Friday, April 6th, we are offering a 10% discount on each one of these Easter Bunnies. No codes necessary, just head over to Chittypulga, the discount has already been applied.  In the meantime, I'll have another chamomile tea with the bunnies. Have a great weekend, everyone!! ...Chao!!

Easter Bunny Dad available here.
Easter Bunny Mom available here. 

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