LaLa Shoes: The Ultimate Felt Shoe for Little Fashionistas

I must confess my obsession with shoes over the years has gone through some kind of  metamorphosis, and like an octopus, I have developed many grasping tentacles and multiple eyes focusing exclusively on shoes. Heels, wedges, boots, flats, pumps, I love them all, but since motherhood became part of my life, a new category started to develop. Now I find myself going awwww!!... awww!! in front of the computer all the time. I've developed a "bootie" obsession, I've turned into a baby shoe fanatic, who keeps looking for the next friend's baby shower to buy booties, even as a gift, since my girls outgrew the infant stage long ago.
That's how in one of those moments of boredom, surfing the internet, not finding what I was looking for, I landed on Etsy's LaLa Shoes store, and immediately I felt like I was in lala land  amidst a parade of modern and whimsical, baby- toddler booties and shoes...

LaLa Shoes is the brainchild of Daria, a product and graphic designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Driven by curiosity and a need for designs to take life under her hands, Daria has put together this colorful line of baby and toddler shoes, created and also handcrafted by the artist herself. 
Beautiful and functional, LaLa Shoes are constructed with high quality natural materials, 100% certified pure wool felt and a non slip eco-leather layer on the soles of toddler styles. When it comes to colors and finding the right hue to match your little one's new outfit, no worries, LaLa Shoes has your back. Colors and themes are plenty, and the selection for the spring-summer seasons, fantastic. Aren't these two pairs above, the Guppies Baby Shoes and the LaLa Rose Mary Janes, just gorgeous?

LaLa Shoes available here.

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