RedFish Kids: Asian Touch for Little Girls Dresses

Summer is in full force and there is nothing cuter than looking at little girls around, showing off the season's fashion with their swing dresses, twirly skirts, big hair bows and trendy sandals...
Oooh!! ...Light fabrics with colorful prints and comfy lines? They just make us wish the same styles were also made in moms' sizes.
Add an Asian touch to those dresses and now you can picture yourself strolling the streets of Tokyo or Shanghai with your little princess... Luckily, you don't have to travel that far to get such creative designs... The fortune cookie says: You can get it all with RedFish Kids Clothing!! Little girls' dresses with a modern Asian influence...
Meticulous attention to details, RedFish Kids dresses are not only beautiful, but also versatile and designed to last long. They are made of pre-washed and pre-shrunk, 100% cotton. Best of all, these dresses adapt to any season and your child will never outgrow them... How is that? Well, take a dress like the one in the picture, the Mandarin Swing Dress in New World, and have your girl wear it by itself during spring and summer. Fall-winter come around, add a long sleeve tee with a pair of leggings underneath and the result is awesome...
Talking about never outgrowing these dresses, designer Lorraine Kitsos, the brain behind RedFish Kids and also a mother of two, decided to create clothes knowing firsthand, what moms need from their children clothing. So, she made it easy and came up with outfits like the Swing Dress in Asian Dolls print, a dress that turns into a smock when it gets too short. Match it with a pair of jeans or trousers and it will still look great.. never small. ...One of our favorite dresses from RedFish Kids, the Mandarin Swing Dress in Old World. A great outfit with vibrant colors, perfect for a birthday celebration during the summer and a very appropriate design for the holidays, matched with long sleeves and leggings underneath .. Just gorgeous!!
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