Kalon Studios: An Eco-Friendly nursery you may turn into a toddler's bedroom!!

Isn't it true that when it comes to decorating your baby's room, you are so inspired that you end up all confused and overwhelmed with so many styles, themes, colors? ...Months go by and the more you look, the further you get to a final decision... Kalon Studios, ahhhh!! Kalon Studios and their modern, clean, practical designs make me feel like working a deal with the stork again, juuuuust to decorate a nursery one more time... Take a look!!
Based in Los Angeles and Germany, Kalon Studios is as good to the environment as it can be...
Sustainability is their motto and the furniture is not only beautiful in form, but even more beautiful in concept. Everything is made to create a balance, "giving as much as we take".
When it comes to the nursery, Kalon Studios has come up with an awesome idea the "Ioline" set, a crib that turns into a toddler bed, a NEW dresser that holds a changing table on top and the same changing table that becomes a toy chest or a reading bench.

The "Ioline" furniture by Kalon Studios is all made of durable bamboo finished with an oil they developed, that is sooo green, so non-toxic that is food grade... Expensive? Of course, so much goodness cannot be cheap, but if you think about it twice, it is worth every penny... A crib-bed, a dresser and a changing table-toy chest is all you need to decorate your little one's room for five years... You either buy the regular stuff and shop twice, for the baby and then the toddler, or purchase something smart like this and get done at once...

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