Best Holiday Gifts: Decor for the littlest ones with Cici Art Factory Event

A new baby, a new year, the holidays... they always bring an inspiration to do some changes around the house and with CiCi Art Factory's event at Chittypulga, a refreshed nursery or playroom could be just around the corner... Here is some eye-candy to get the imagination going...
...want milk, chicks, birdies, froggies? Get them by the dozen with the "Lotsa" collection, a series of original paintings, representing characters or objects so familiar to young children that hopefully, will not only decorate the room, but will also entertain your mini angel while you are able to get the real bottle ready...
Cici Art Factory is the creation of canadian painter Liz Clay... Inspired by her little girls, she came up with this series of original paintings using patterns of tiny objects on 8" x 8" canvases. Lots and lots of those silhouettes are arranged in organized rows or desorganized chaos and filled up with chunky paint in bright colors to create the "lotsa" effect... All together, modern art for little eyes and pleasing decor for the big ones...
The one effect we are loving at Chittypulga is the "Lotsa" paintings hung together in groups... Choose a silhouette, select a pattern -organized, random, x's or o's and now mix and match. The result is fantastic!! Decorate a boring wall and turn it into an exciting game of "tic, tac, toe" with the X and O pattern, or pick a theme and present it in all four different colors... Pure tasteful fun!!
To make it even more fun, Cici Art Factory and Chittypulga are partnering to bring you this wonderful offer... Believe or not, until December 31st, 1 + 1 = 3. We don't know how math got so screwed up, but, the point is that when you purchase two pieces of the Lotsa Collection, you get one FREE... Top it up and you also get Free Ground Shipping when you buy at least two of them.
Yeaahhhh!! Take advantage and redecorate your own child's room or make three individual holiday gifts... Heyyy!! These times of financial crisis, an offer like this may come handy... What do you think?

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