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I just can't wait to start blogging. I should wait for my web designer to make this page all pretty so I can launch it, but there is so much going on, I just can't wait...
Me, Chittypulga, the little flea or just Nora invites all of you, modern parents and fanatic shoppers of kids'cool stuff to join this page. Bookmark it and share with me the awesome journey of raising our "little fleas", hands-on, while trying to keep a career going, a love relationship healthy, money in our pockets to buy more toys and still some sanity in our minds... Did I miss anything?
I can tell you some stories about my crazy everyday life raising two adorable little girls, running an online children's boutique "Chittypulga" and being a wife at least, the last sixty minutes of my usual nineteen-hour day.
What else do I want to talk about? ...Hmmm!! Life, life and the simple things that make us sooo happy!!...
I can share a recipe. Sometimes I get to cook something fabulous in a vegetarian home with a fusion of my Venezuelan roots and my husband's Indiana's gastronomy.
I can share some views of my world. Some times I take my kids out with my camera on one shoulder and the diaper bag on the other and I take some incredible pictures of our surroundings here, 50 miles north from New York City, just a mile away from the Hudson River.
...And I can share the goodies!! Many, many times I discover the cutest things for little kids and moms-to-be. Modern, stylish, functional and more than anything comfy. Artistically designed, indie and enviromentally friendly. Those are the things I like and that is the profile of the products I will be reviewing here and sharing with you. Some of them sold at my store Chittypulga, some others not... Don't worry, I'll get you the links, so you can get them.
Contests, giveaways and fantastic deals at Chittypulga are also in the schedule. So, get ready and bookmark this blog. You really don't want to miss any of Chittypulga's events!!

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